Sludge Treatment

“The most problems we have with sewage sludge.  As raw sludge it indeed amounts only to 1 % of the treated waster water volume but it counts for 30 % of the treatment costs and 90 % of the head aches”. 

(English translation from Imhoff, K. R.: Taschenbuch der Stadtentwässerung, Verlag R. Oldenbourg München, Wien)

Plants and process technologies for the treatment of sewage sludge and other organic wastes belong to the core competence of OSWALD SCHULZE already since many decades. The objective of our process technologies is the economic safety for final disposal and the utilization of the material and energetic resources of sewage sludge. Especially the anaerobic sludge digestion process leads to an effective stabilization and potential mass reduction of  sludge or waste input that can afterwards be utilized for further needs or can be disposed of cost efficient. At the same time energy is gained from the produced sewage gas.

The services of OSWALD SCHULZE cover individual consulting services, complete Basic- and Detailed Engineering, the piping and equipment supply/installation  and plant commissioning as well as maintenance for waste water treatment plants with the integration of professional manufacturers and partner companies. Depending on the customers preference we install single mechanical plant units or complete plants as general contractor including civil constructions, mechanical equipment/piping systems and electrical engineering.

Our process solutions for sludge treatment include especially:

  • One and/or two stage/phase  (mesophilic/thermophilic) anaerobic stabilization (digestion)
  • Digested sludge mixing with draft tube mixer, vertical mixer, pumps or gas injection
  • Heat input or heat recovery via special high rate heat echanger systems
  • Mechanical sludge thickening and sludge dewatering
  • Disinfection of sludges and organic wastes
  • Sludge disintegration