Co-generation Plants (CHP)

With the utilization of sewage gas from anaerobic sludge digestion or biogas from anaerobic waste water treatment there is a CO2-neutral use of this energy recource directly within the treatment plants. The produced electrical energy is preferably used to cover the own power requirement on the treatment plant site and reduces the necessary volume of purchased energy. Excess production can be charged back into the power grid. The produced heat energy is used for heating of the anaerobic process and for other treatment processes as well as building heating.

The correct choice of size and number of CHP-units and the necessary gas pre-treatment as well as the integration into the gas system, heating system and local electrical power grid is a challenging design and installation job. OSWALD SCHULZE posseses the competence and experience to design the optimum process solution for each specific case and to implement this design into a plant installation that meets all specific customer requirements. Our customers also benefit from our long-term cooperation with leading German CHP-unit manufacturers.