The name of OSWALD SCHULZE is linked to waste water and sludge treatment for more than 90 years. For decades, a core competence of OSWALD SCHULZE has been our expertise in sludge treatment, digestion technology, and effective biogas utilization. We have extensive experience in the rehabilitation of sludge digestion plants, also for plants still under operation. More than 2,600 reference plants worldwide underline our know how and experience.

To be successful in competitive markets up to date trained personnel is needed. Our team of interdisciplinary and process-oriented specialists educated in the fields of sanitary, mechanical and chemical engineering have decades of experience in a wide spectrum of wastewater applications and technologies. We also care for the future: Certified by the chamber of commerce we educate young people since many years.

Our adoption of the most current business tools and processes enables us to work closely with our clients through the entire business cycle and successfully undertake projects in a flexible and timely manner.