Municipal Waste Water Treatment

The efficiency of municipal waster water treatment plants must be constantly checked and adapted to meet the actual legal requirements with the best available technologies.  The best available technology includes not less than  a mechanical treatment stage and a biological treatment with enhanced nutrient removal. Together with new treatment stages, e.g. to meet especially stringent effluent limits for sensible receiving water bodies or for the so-called “fourth” treatment stage, also the rehabilitation of existing treatement stages under operation conditions poses special challenges to design and construction companies.

OSWALD SCHULZE posseses the long standing experience in the project specific realization of suitable processes and measures to meet these challenges under optimum technical and economic conditions.

For municipal waste water treatment we are particularly  specialized in the following process technologies:

  • Waste water and storm water pumpings stations
  • Plants and equipment for mechanical waste water treatment
  • Plants and equipment for biological waste water treatment with aeration systems (surface and pressure aeration)
  • Nitrification and denitrification systems
  • Biofilm and fixed bed reactor processes
  • Sequencing Batch Reaktor (SBR) processes
  • Processes for micropollutant elimination (ozone, PAC, GAC)
  • Waste air disodering treatment for waster water treatment plants
  • Chemical precipitation and flocculation processes
  • Waste water filtration processes
  • Membrane bioreactor processes
  • Measurement and instrumentation equipment