Industrial Waste Water Treatment

The treatment of process and waste waters from industrial production plants like e.g. dairy plants or breweries, is characterizied by a vast variety concerning waste water volume, temperature, pH-value and pollutant concentration. These individual requirements must be considered and re-evaluated in each project.

OSWALD SCHULZE posseses the competence and experience to design the optimum process solution for each specific case and to implement this design into a plant installation that meets all specific customer requirements.

For industrial waste water treatment we are particularly  specialized in the following process technologies:

  • Plants and equipment for mechanical waste water treatment
  • Plants and equipment for biological waste water treatment with aeration systems (surface and pressure aeration)
  • Nitrification and denitrification systems
  • Biofilm and fixed bed reactor processes
  • Sequencing Batch Reaktor (SBR) processes
  • Waste air disodering treatment for waster water treatment plants
  • Chemical precipitation and flocculation processes
  • Waste water filtration processes
  • Membrane bioreactor processes
  • Anaerobic waste water treatment as anaerobic activated sludge process, upstream anaerobic blanket (UASB) process or anaerobic fixed bed process
  • Measurement and instrumentation equipment