Sewage Gas Systems

The effective utilization of sewage gas and biogas that is produced by the treatment of sewage sludge digestion and anaerobic waste water treatment is essential for the economic success of anaerobic treatment processes. OSWALD SCHULZE has extensive experience in the design, installation and commissioning  of treatment processes for the utilization of sewage gas and biogas.

The services of OSWALD SCHULZE cover individual consulting services, complete Basic- and detailed Engineering, the piping and equipment supply/installation  and plant commissioning as well as maintenance  with the integration of professional manufacturers and partner companies.

Depending on the customers preference we install single mechanical plant units or complete plants as general contractor including civil constructions, mechanical equipment/piping systems and electrical engineering.

For the utilization of sewage and biogas we are particularly specialized in the following process technologies:

  • Sewage/biogas utilization in CHP-units with combined heat and electrical power production
  • Gas storgage tanks and storage tank equipment
  • Gas flares
  • Gas desulphurization plants
  • Gas drying plants
  • Gas conveying and compressor plants
  • Gas cleaning plants (e.g. Activated carbon filters)